Furniture FAQs

Q1: What does 'bespoke' mean in terms of your sofas?

A1: Each of our sofas is made to order, meaning we can accommodate specific requests for dimensions, fabric choices, and other preferences. This bespoke approach ensures each sofa we craft is truly unique and tailored to our clients' requirements.

Q2: Where are your sofas made?

A2: Our sofas are handcrafted in Derbyshire, England by skilled artisans, the same team that used to make sofas for my father, Sir Terence Conran. Each piece is a testament to the long-standing tradition of quality and craftsmanship in British furniture making.

Q3: What materials do you use for the sofas?

A3: We use only the finest natural materials to ensure comfort, durability, and elegance. The commitment to natural materials enhances not just the aesthetic and comfort of the sofa but also aligns with our environmental ethos.

Q4: How can I be assured of the authenticity of your sofas?

A4: Each of our bespoke sofas comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by me, Sophie Conran, and the artisans who crafted your sofa. This guarantees you are receiving a genuine Sophie Conran sofa.

Q5: Can the sofa covers be cleaned?

A5: Absolutely, we understand that life can sometimes be a bit messy. That's why all our sofa covers are removable and easy to wash, helping you keep your sofa looking as beautiful as the day it arrived.

Q6: How can I place an order?

A6: Placing an order is simple. You can order directly from our website, or if you prefer, you can contact us at, and we'll guide you through the ordering process.

Q7: Do you deliver internationally?

A7: Yes, we do! We ship our sofas worldwide, including the US, Canada, and across Europe. For UK deliveries, our craftspeople who make the sofas also deliver them to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.


Q8: What is the lead time for your bespoke sofas?

A8: We have many pieces available in stock. For any sofa that is custom-made, the lead time is approximately 8-10 weeks. We promise that it's worth the wait! 

Q9: Can I customise the size of my sofa?

A9: Yes, our bespoke approach means that you can order your sofa in practically any size that suits your needs.

Q10: Can I use my own fabric for my sofa?

A10: Yes of course, if you prefer to use your own fabric, we're more than happy to accommodate that. We can also assist you in choosing from our extensive range of high-quality fabrics.


Q11: How are your sofas made?

A11: All of our sofas are lovingly made by hand in Derbyshire from natural materials.The foundation of any good sofa begins with the frame, our frames are made from sustainably sourced Birch hardwood which comes from forests in Finland.

The Birch is prepared in our frame making workshop and each joint is put together with wooden dowels, screws and glue. The resulting finished frame is extremely strong and forms a very solid basis from which to commence the upholstery process.

We make our sofas in a very traditional way. Sofas made 100 years ago or so were made with steel springs in the base. Ours follow this tradition and each sofa has a fully sprung base made with specially produced sprung steel. The combination of these springs is the equivalent of having a high quality mattress in the bottom of your sofa and significantly adds to both the comfort and the overall durability and longevity of use. 

Once the spring unit has been assembled into the frame, the upholstery process begins. We start by covering the springs with a layer of natural jute. On top of the jute we then place a 25 mm thick layer of rubberised natural fibres. On top of these fibres, we then place a felted cotton wadding layer which in turn is covered by a wool based interliner for fire retardancy. This is then finished with a cotton lining which forms the final layer for your sofa and can be seen when you take off your fabric covers for cleaning. 

The traditional nature of the materials that are used in Sophie Conran sofas is such that if you were to open up a sofa that was made around 100 years ago and compare the materials, you would find them to be almost identical in every way.

Our cushions are hand made in Derbyshire with European Duck feathers to provide you with a truly wonderful level of comfort. As with all brand new feather cushions, when they first arrive at your home, they will feel quite firm in comparison to how they will soon become within the first few weeks of use. This change in how they feel will be aided by regularly plumping them so that air is able to circulate in between the feathers. It is the combination of air in between feathers that makes a feather based cushion comfortable. You will find that if you take care of your cushions with regular plumping to ensure that there is a good amount of air within the cushions, that they will provide you with an extremely comfortable sofa for many years.

Here are some cushion fill options for luxury sofas, along with their pros and cons. We advise that customers carefully consider their lifestyle in making decisions about what cushion fill to go for:

Exploring Cushion Fill Options for Luxury Sofas: Pros and Cons