US Enquiries

1. What is the delivery process for shipping furniture from the UK to the US?

We provide a full shipping and delivery service through our shipping partners to deliver your luxury furniture to your location in the US. Prices quoted in US$ on our site include. individual wooden crate made specially to protect your sofa door-to-door. It also includes sea freight shipping from the UK to our warehouse is in North Carolina. Finally it includes road freight from North Carolina to your door. Please note: a $45 customs clearance fee and local sales taxes are not included and will be your responsibility to pay locally.


2. Are there any additional costs involved in the delivery of the furniture?

Local sales tax is your responsibility to pay and a $45 customs clearance fee for each piece. 


3. How are the delivery costs determined for shipping to the US?

We have calculated delivery costs across the US for delivery to your door. It will responsibility to dispose of the wooden crate. We can assist with further services if required.


4. Is there a difference in shipping costs for delivering outside my home versus delivering into the intended room?

Yes, there is often a difference in costs between shipping to your home and delivering directly into the room where your sofa will be placed. For this reason, we are quoting prices for delivery to your door as it enables us to provide a competitive price for across the US.

If you are not able to organise someone locally to assist you with the delivery from your door to inside your home, please let us know as we can always help you with this nearer the time of delivery. We have very successfully organised this previously for US customers.


5. Will I be responsible for any local taxes or customs costs?

Yes, all local taxes and customs costs will be your responsibility to settle at a local level. The customs clearance fee is usually $45 per piece.


6. Can you recommend any local firms in the US for delivering the crated sofa to my home?

Given the size of the US, we usually don’t have specific recommendations and encourage you to explore local options and find a firm that can handle the delivery from your door to inside your home. If you need our help with this, we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can.


7. How long does the delivery process typically take?

The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the specific details of your order. The sea freight journey from the UK to North Carolina usually takes around 4 weeks. The Road Freight timing depends on your location and availability of local delivery teams. We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks for this. If you require delivery sooner or by a specific time frame, please notify our friendly team and we will be happy to assist you further as we can explore other delivery options (for example air freighting by DHL or FEDEX) which will come at an additional cost. 


8. Can I track the progress of my delivery?

We will provide you with shipping updates once your order has been shipped. Once a road freight partner has been selected from North Carolina to your location, local updates will then be available direct with that freight company.